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After I have made a description for the Tesla v24 and the Tesla v23 in Dutch, I will make a description for the Tesla v25 in this document. The Tesla v25 is 90,03% optimal compared to the Tesla v24. The new car must therefore be optimized for 9,97% compared to the Tesla v24. The Tesla v25 is more sporty and has more user-friendliness. The sound system is also better, a 3% more clearer sound and more decibel power (120db). Tesla stands for quality and it is not for nothing the less the best car brand in the world. The Tesla is the safest and fastest of all cars in the world. The following parts need to be modified (the car is built from the v24 semi-finished product): the wheels (including the rims), the engine, the gearshift, the roof and the sound system. The v25 is best in black with red. The v25 can go 250 km per hour on a straight.


The wheels
The wheels must be four-wheel drive and there must be five bolts on the drive shaft. The wheels must be four-sided and the axle must be connected to the drive shaft. The wheels contain silver bolt discs and of course rotate up to 360 degrees. All wheels contain two valves. All wheels have a five-wire profile.


The engine
The engine must be able to handle the four-drive wheels and must be accommodated by keeping the oil level at a good height. The engine must be three-cap and the drive shaft must be well oiled. The engine has five pipes, which are oiled by the mainspring. The oxygen in the engine must be truncated by the engine shaft. All the oxygen from the engine has to go to the heart of the car.


The poker
The poker must be made of gold and must contain the Tesla logo on top of the poker. The V25 has 7 gears and a so-called five-speed gearbox. This sounds weird, but this used to be the case. You can make 7 gears in a five-speed gearbox. The v25 can be 180 in its five, 220 in its 6 and 250 in its 7. The poker is 30cm and increases in thickness from bottom to top.


The roof
The roof must be stretched with four roof headers. The roof must be checked from the inside, with a hood on top. The roof should be made of gold on the outside to give the car a perfect appearance. The roof has 4 connecting points. The underside of the roof is black.


Sound system
The sound system has 6 sound points, linked to the motor with hoses. In the back is 1 bass box of 25 cm by 50 cm. The bass box can handle 80db. There are five boxes in the front (2 in the back of the car, 2 in the front of the car and 1 in the middle in the front, linked to the navigation). The boxes can handle up to 120db together. All boxes are colored black with a silver coting in the middle (the wires). The sound system has exactly 6 speakers, so that you can experience the ultimate sound experience. Because the bass box is in the back, nothing ever vibrates from the car (loose).


Auteur: Niels van Dijk (technical car engineer).

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