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After I have made a description for the Tesla v22 formula 1 car and the Tesla v23 in Dutch, I will make a description for the Tesla v24 in this document. The Tesla v24 is 90.90% optimal compared to the Tesla v23. The new car must therefore be optimized for 9.10% compared to the Tesla v23. The Tesla v24 is less sporty but has more user-friendliness. The sound system is also better (a 5% more clearer sound and more decibel power (100db). Tesla stands for quality and it is not for nothing the less the best car brand in the world. The Tesla is the safest and fastest of all cars in the world (even faster than the RedBull car from Max Verstappen). The following parts need to be modified (the car is built from the v23 semi-finished product): the wheels (including the rims), the engine, the gearshift and the sound system. The v24 is best in white with black. The roof is for 100% great compare tot the Tesla v23. The v24 can go 300 km per hour on a straight.


The wheels
The wheels must be 5cm larger in width (2.5cm on each side) and must be five spokes (rims). If the wheels become 10 spokes, the car can go 10 km less fast. The rims must be made of ''hard wood'' (aluminium), with a bronze tough on the outside. The spokes should be the same and there should be two valves on the wheels for optimal performance. The wheels must be soaked (highly filtered).


The engine
The engine is 82.99% the same as the Tesla v23. The crankshaft must be adapted to the suction of the engine. The five tubes must be coupled to the carburetor. The suction should be five quarters. Oil level should be 5.2 amps and the pistons should be able to pump 2.76 liters of oil per hour. The oil is collected in the devaster and pumped around again. The engine is all right when the suction is 100% optimal.


The poker
Compared to the Tesla v23, the gearbox should now have 8 gears instead of 7. You can compensate for this by pumping oil through the carburettor (2.76 liters per hour). The carburetor collects the oil and pumps it to the gears. In gear 1 you drive 30, in the two 60, in the three 90, in the four 180, in the five 220, in the six 260 and in the seven 280. So the last gear is only needed when you are really hard. want to drive on a straight stretch. The gears must be coupled to the carburettor with a devastation torque.


Sound system
The sound system is 80.27% the same as the Tesla v23. Now only 1 bass box is needed and it is in the trunk. This box is 15,50cm by 23,20cm, much larger than the boxen in the Tesla v23. The second box is therefore not necessary. The speakers in the front of the car must be 6 spokes and can handle up to 100 decibels! 20% more than the Tesla v23. The cables must be connected to the motor for an extra fat sound. The sound system is limited to a maximum of 100 decibels, so that you never have to go deaf with the volume all the way up. The sound system is linked to the carburettor.


Auteur: Niels van Dijk (technical car engineer).

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