The miracle of the brain

Gepubliceerd op 4 januari 2022 om 21:44

The brain is a very special thing. It consists strings that acts like miracle things. These strings do special things to your body. The hearth and the brain have a teamwork together. The heart controls the brain and do effective things with it. The heart supplies tension so that the brain don't lose control over the body. The metabolism performs tasks that make the heart work harder. The brain then has to do its job, resulting in more focus from the human being. The brain has three genomes: refresh focus, change focus and deactivate focus. Refresh focus stops processing food, resulting in a more alert person. Changing focus means that the brain should work for the body. Deactivate focus means that the brain has to switch off the body when there are too much incentives. I like my brain, especially when I do sos (white MDMA medicine dat you have to sniff). The brain loves sos, you get relax with it.


There is a lot of food that are good for your brain, especially nuts and coconut oil. Bananas are good for the stomach and strawberries are good for tension and repair of brainwaves. The brain counts eight strings (blood vessels) that consists fats. You have to know that the brain consists for 80% of fat.
Dementia is a disease in which there is too little fat in the brain and in which there is a learning delay. Eat enough fat to reduce the change for getting dementia and learn more. Weed is also a great solution for treating this disease. The brain is a heavenly thing because it controls the whole body. This heady thing is more important than the heart. Enjoy life, control your body by movement and love your brain! 

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