The health connection of cigars

Gepubliceerd op 1 januari 2022 om 21:28

First, let's stop the myth that cigars are unhealthy! In fact, all cigars are healthy for you. Cigars are good for the lungs, among other things, because they contain healthy leaves. Cigar leaves contain the substance hifroslamine, which is good for the brain. This substance expands in the stomach and is translated to the brain. Brain connections are improved and cell nuclei are improved. Did you know that cigars are good for memories? After smoking a cigar you can simply think better and recognize things from earlier in your life. The packages are wrong now, this is all because of the Germans in the second world war. They invented that cigars are bad for health and they smoked like a heretic themselves.

As mentioned, the brown leaves in a cigar are extremely good for the brain and memory. The combustion is not bad for you as many people think. Blowing is also healthy by the way because there are no additives in it. Did you know that cigarettes are getting healthier? Certain manufacturers no longer even use additives so that you only smoke the plant. There are many different cigars available today, such as cigars with mint and cocoa and cigars with added vitamin C. This is very desirable because I like to smoke. Cigars also contain selmatonin, which brings back memories of the past. This substance has only recently been found in cigar leaves.

I like to smoke green Break cigars myself. It contains mint and cocoa, so that seems very healthy to me. They don't know cigars in America, or do they?, pretty crazy. oterwise it's up to me to introduce to them, soon. Brain nuclei are strengthened after smoking cigars. Cigar smoke also works as a detox in the brain. Toxins from the brain are flushed out and a cigar can be a weapon against dementia. If you only knew how healthy cigars are, the following information will make you flap your ears. The link between cancer and cigars is positive. Parkinson's disease and MS benefit, just like cannabis. Cigars actually fight against all diseases. Did you know that cigars used to be prescribed by doctors for people who could no longer walk well? This is because cigars improve circulation. Do yourself a favor and don't fool each other, smoke a cigar!

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